COVID-19 solution

UV-C Disinfection Robot Lighthouse

Covid-19 solution for tourism professionals (and for all sectors of activity)

Hotels, youth hostels, hotel residences, holiday villages, aparthotels, campings
Museums and museum structures, monuments, amusement and leisure parks
Aquariums, animal parks and zoos
Airports, stations, trams
Theaters, cinemas, performance halls, concert halls, opera houses
Congress and exhibition centers, art galleries, stadiums
Thermal and thalassotherapy centers, ski resorts
Restaurants and shops, shopping centers, supermarkets
Sports and fitness rooms
Cruise ships, ferries
See the robot in a hotelSee the robot in a place open to the public

Video presentation of the UV-C robot for disinfection of COVID-19

Electromagnetic spectrum-UV

COVID-19 disinfection solution

"Lighthouse" UV-C disinfection robot (Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) - C)
UV-C light (Ultraviolet C) breaks the molecular bonds in the DNA of bacteria and viruses rendering them unable to reproduce and neutralizing them
UV-C destroy 99,99 % of the germs, viruses, bacteria, molds and other pathogens
The "Lighthouse" robot thus destroys COVID-19 in the air and on cleaned surfaces
Faster than manual disinfection and in complete safety
Disinfects all surfaces accessible to 2.50 m and 360 ° around the robot
Wireless and battery-powered remote control robot
Overcome obstacles such as cables or gaps on any type of surface
Ease of use, high precision driving, bidirectional and without turning radius thanks to the tracks
Ecological solution without chemicals
Robot made in Luxembourg. In collaboration with a robotics specialist.

Interview with Doctor Romain Schockmel, doctor - surgeon in Luxembourg, about the UV-C disinfection robot "Lighthouse" (in french)
Source interview : L'Essentiel
Source image electromagnetic spectrum : Wikimedia/CC/Inductiveload, NASA/Berru, annotation Numerama

Reference chart uvc

UV-C dosimeter to control disinfection

UV-C dosimeter tablets are placed in different places of the room to check that the disinfection has been done by the robot on the controlled surface.

UVC Disinfection Robot "Lighthouse" in action at "LuxExpo The Box" for the event "The Box Street Market" (August, 22 and 23 2020)

Lighthouse UV-C disinfection robot

Lighthouse UV-C disinfection robot

Lighthouse UV-C disinfection robot

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